Writing Intern

Posted on January 7th, 2014

The writing intern will write feature articles on alumni and campus programs for one of three publications: CSUAA website, AlumLine (e-newsletter), Around the Oval (print magazine).

The intern will:
• Conduct interview(s).
• Write a draft of article.
• Work with Director on editing of article.
• Revise article according to changes from Director or interviewee.
• Confirm article correctness with interviewee.
• Acquire photographs for article.

Interviews may be conducted in person, over phone, or over e-mail (in that order of preference).

Skills Required
• Communication
o oral skills in interviewing (types of questions to ask and how to probe for deeper answers)
o writing skills (stylistic for Web and print, story development)
o editing skills (of self and other writers)

• Clarifying ideas

The internship is for at least one semester, approximately 10/hours per week. Hours may be completed at night and on the weekends, depending on the story needs.

Contact information
Beth Etter, Director of Communications
(970) 491-3591