Video production intern–HEIT, Inc.

Posted on August 12th, 2009


Firm:HEIT, Inc.

Type of Firm: Managed IT services for the financial industry

Submitted by: Jaime Banks

Date Submitted: 8/10/2009


Contact Person: Jaime Banks

Title: Director of Marketing


Phone: 9704127139

How to Contact: Via Email

Address: 3003 E. Harmony Road, Fifth Floor

City: Fort Collins  State: CO  Zip: 80528



Number of Interns: 1

Anticipated Hire Date: Fall Semester (September-December)

Deadline to Apply: 9/4/2009 Anticipated Decision Date: 9/18/2009

Compensation: Unpaid     Hourly Salary Range:

Description: HEIT, Inc., a Fort Collins-based managed IT services provider, is seeking a CSU journalism/technical communications student who is skilled in videography, video editing, and digital video file preparation. We are gearing up for a series of social media and web-based projects and it’s a crucial time for us to integrate video assets into our marketing strategy.

A successful applicant will:

•Be driven and self-motivated … we’re quite busy and the intern must be able to manage him/herself •Have access to equipment and software for filming, sound recording, editing and file preparation •Be available at least one day per week for at least three hours •Have an interest in advanced technologies and/or the financial industry

Please send a short statement of interest, expressing your skills, interest, and availability to Jaime Banks, Director of Marketing, at (FYI, Jaime is an alumnus of the JTC department.) If possible, please also send one to three video samples of manageable file sizes … the best option would be to post them to YouTube and send us the links (make sure you make them open for public viewing).

While this is an unpaid internship, it is a great opportunity to earn your internship credits and to build your portfolio with a growing technology firm. You work will be viewed by hundreds of executives and professionals in the financial services and technology arenas so the exposure is an extra perk. 

We look forward to receiving your application materials