Video Camera, Producer, Editor

Posted on September 1st, 2010

Position: Video Camera
Position: Video Production
Position: Web Master
Fast Tracks Active Sports searches the world for the fastest best way to learn active sports and broadcasts to the world our findings. We’re soon to become the “Google™ of active learning.” Fast Tracks uses a unique process that examines and improves current active sport training methods. Each sport is then videoed to demonstrate, in an entertaining and interesting way, our findings. We will help people get private pilots licenses in less than 19 days, and have people snowboarding blue runs in just 1. Skiing, scuba diving, paragliding, surfing, four wheeling, motocross or… riding a unicycle, all in the fastest, best ways possible.

Our first 3 episodes will answer these questions:
Can you really becomes a licensed sky diver in just 5 days?
Can you really become a licensed and experienced motorcycle rider in just 2?
Can you really run a 5K with just 3 weeks of preparation?

Beyond these episodes, we have over 100 others active sports to cover.

Currently we have the show participants selected and plan to shoot our 3 initial programs… this month! (Our 5K runner will race on September 19th!).

We need video and production experience, as well as someone to create an outstanding website. We’re open to working with a team if you have some co-workers in mind. The business plan is sound and has the potential to cash-flow quickly. If we achieve those goals, these “non-compensated” positions can be changed to “compensated.” We must have great talent capable of producing results.

Though the business plan does not call for Television, our finished product will probably be presented to network television. Professional program companies have already requested pilot promos.

To qualify for any position, you must be prepared to demonstrate your skills, have equipment of your own (or access to equipment) and fit well with our Fast Tracks team.