Unpaid Internship

Posted on August 24th, 2010

The Institute is Colorado’s free market think tank. Interns work one-on-one with a policy expert: either a Center Director or Senior Fellow on policy research relevant to Colorado. Many of these experts are nationally and internationally recognized in their field of expertise having authored books, articles, legislation, testifying, appearing on Colorado and national TV. Interns (more properly termed, the Future Leaders Program), may attend at no fee all Institute events during their internship as well as in intern lunch series with a few VIPs. Intern Alumni have organized networking tools on both FaceBook and Yahoo which serve as a means of being alerted to events and occasional job opportunities. Because of the caliber of Institute Interns, they are often sought to fill vacancies at think tanks throughout the nation. Most interns gain enough knowledge in their work to merit publication during their internship. At II we work hard and play hard. Come and join us in doing something substantial and have fun doing it.

Of specific interest to journalism students might be the Institute’s recent addition of a full time investigative reporter who is in constant need of intern assistance. Jay Ambrose, a nationally syndicated columnist is a Senior Fellow at II who has requested intern assistance and the Institute has initiated a State Capitol reporting service in 2010 that seeks to fill the void left by cut backs in traditional media coverage.