Undergraduate Research Assistant

Posted on April 24th, 2012

Project: Conservation Development Learning Network
Position Title: Undergraduate Research Assistant
Contact: Sarah Maisonneuve, Research Coordinator, Global Challenges Research Team
To Apply: Submit a cover letter, resume, and email addresses of at least two references via email
no later than May 9th.

An undergraduate research assistant position is available with the Global Challenges Research Team (GCRT) on Conservation Development at CSU’s School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES). Conservation development (CD) is a set of land planning techniques that combine land development and land conservation with a goal of providing functional protection for natural resources. One of the GCRT’s current priorities is to develop an online learning network that will connect CD practitioners and serve as a platform for sharing research findings and practitioner experiences with a broad audience.

Position Description:
The undergraduate assistant will assist in the development of the online learning network. Funded through the Center for Collaborative Conservation (CCC), the selected undergraduate will work with the Research Coordinator to accomplish the following tasks:
• Conduct a needs assessment for a learning network, by transcribing and coding interview data collected from CD practitioners operating nation-wide;
• Assist the Research Coordinator with analyzing the interview data;
• Present the findings of the interview data in at least one setting to share the results of our work; and
• Perform other tasks as requested.

The research assistant will have additional opportunities to attend the GCRT meetings, interact with an interdisciplinary team of faculty, research scientists, graduate students, and conservation practitioners, working on an exciting emerging topic in conservation biology.

Qualifications, Schedule and Salary:
No previous research experience is necessary, but a passion for the human side of conservation biology or urban ecology is desired. We are looking for a conscientious and meticulous student who is enthusiastic about this unique opportunity to work directly with practitioners, to develop a tool that will be used to facilitate successful Conservation Development projects. The successful applicant should be comfortable working independently following a training period. Excellent writing and verbal communication skills are required.

Applicants should be available to work on the project from May through July, though the schedule will be flexible. The salary available for this position is $10/hour.