Student Immersive Media Specialist

Posted on April 15th, 2016

Student Internship Description




Job Title:  Student Immersive Media Specialist (360 video cameraman)


Job type: Internship                       Salary:  12.08                     Course Credits:


Number of Positions:  1                                Time span: Summer 2016


Preferred Student Areas of Interest: Digital Media,


Department/Agency:  Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR)               


General Job Description: Enter the digital media job market with 360 video experience! Virtual Reality and fully-immersive experiences are the future of media, education, entertainment, and more! There is a growing need for young professionals to have experience with the equipment and editing tools. Distinguish yourself from your competition by shooting and editing 360 video footage for your portfolio and for use in a professional marketing campaign. As our intern, you will have access to the complete Kolor Pack rig Freedom360 equipped with 6 GoPro Hero 4s Black Edition and Kolor stitching software, Panotour Pro 2.5. You will be able to view your video, for use in our marketing campaign to promote our virtual reality lab and Hackathon, using the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

As this is an emerging technology, we do not require extensive experience with the equipment and expect a learning curve; thus, we will afford time for familiarization with the technology, i.e. test videos and test editing. The final products (two fully-edited marketing videos) must be completed by July 22, 2016. Your name will appear on some part of the promotional video as credit for your work.


Principal Duties/Responsibilities of the Student Immersive Media Specialist:

1. To shoot 360 promotional videos using the Pack rig Freedom360 around the CSU campus for OVPR marketing purposes

2. To use Panotour Pro 2.5 stitching software to create and edit the footage for final use

3. To determine dynamic locations and visual opportunities for high quality video and high-impact footage

4. To schedule appointments for optimal times for shooting with appropriate parties

5. To manage requests from interested parties seeking to be part of the promotional footage and the ability to determine which opportunities to take based on those requests

6. Responsibility for care of equipment in use (will check equipment in and out and fill out form for any and all damage)


In accomplishing those responsibilities, the Student Immersive Media Specialist will complete two promotional marketing at the highest industry standard quality by July 22, 2016.



Required Qualifications (Skills/abilities):


Experience shooting and editing high-quality video footage

Experience with editing software

Strong understanding and familiarity with professional-level, industry-standard video

Strong interpersonal skills

Self-motivated and task-oriented mentality

Flexible schedule over the summer


Physical Requirements/Abilities (when applicable):


Carry up to 70 lbs. of equipment

·         NOTES: Wagon available for trekking all equipment across campus, Pack Rig freedom mounts available (tripod and flat surface suction support), remote for control over all 6 cameras from a distance, but some carrying may be needed for optimal shots



Supervisor: Virtual Reality Initiative Lead



Evaluation Method:  Work produced upon completion

Anticipated Work Schedule:  Varies by your flexibility in and ability to schedule appointments to film video and edit in office


Method Used to Verify Hours Worked:  N/A



Work Location: Office of the Vice President for Research


900 Oval Drive Admin Building


Suite 203C

Send application materials to as soon as possible