Social Media Intern

Posted on January 21st, 2014


This internship is for a pro-bono project supporting the arts. There will be free tickets involved, and opportunities to write your own advances and reviews, but no pay.

I do a radio version of my Tattle Tales column for KRFC 88.9 FM and back it up with a Facebook page of the same name. Tattle Tales appeared in the Coloradoan for 11 years with much the same content.

I’m so overwhelmed just getting the weekly column together, doing reviews, working, etc., that I never seem to get around to updating the page each week.

The radio show only reports on the events the Coloradoan doesn’t, such as the symphony, opera, CSU events, gallery shows, and off-the-beaten-path stuff.

Applicants needn’t have an in-depth understanding of social-media but shouldn’t be amateurs. An interest in the arts would help, but keep in mind we don’t cover the band scene.

I’ve mentored over 50 interns and have a good track record of placement upon completion of the internship. References available upon request.