Seeking writers

Posted on October 3rd, 2016

Communications Strategy Group is Seeking Writers for Mini Bios

A new health insurance company is entering the Colorado marketplace in November. The company’s health philosophy is centered around individuals’ lifestyles and facilitating a strong personal connection with physicians. As such, the insurer would like new customers to have a very engaging experience when selecting their physicians. Rather than be faced with a list of faceless names and practices, customers will be greeted with photos and personalized mini-bios.

The help we need from you
We are asking you to synthesize existing bios (gleaned from provider websites) into
mini bios–almost the equivalent of sound bites or tweets. The bios will be roughly three sentences (250 characters, including spacing). We would like each writer to take on approximately 70 bios. Writing the bios will take roughly :15-:20 minutes each, depending on length of existing bio.

The project window is a short one and will start immediately. All bios will need to be completed as soon as possible and no later than the third week of October.

We will be paying $10 per bio. If you are interested and have the time, please send a writing sample and resume to: