Real work experience for your portfolio

Posted on December 9th, 2010

Cohere is a collaborative workspace for freelancers in Old Town, Fort Collins.

The purpose of this position is to assist in the day to day operations of Cohere and do project based work to enhance your PR portfolio.

Here’s what our current intern has to say, “Interning at Cohere has been really amazing because it always keeps me on my toes being around a variety of professionals with different areas of expertise and different deadlines. It has taught me how to sell my own talents, given me opportunities to practice my public relations skills (i.e. press releases, PR plans), and has taught me skills we never learn in class.” -Ryan Hamerstadt

Weekday shifts are 8:45a-12:30p or 12:30p-4p. You must be able to work at least 2 of these shifts/week to be considered.

You will spend:
20% of your time working on PR related projects and daily tasks for Cohere
60% of your time working on PR related projects for the members
20% of your time studying/doing your own projects

Must Have Qualifications:
Friendly: I really mean it. We’re a tight knit community and we want to get to know you!
Can meet deadlines: You will have up to three projects at any given time and you’ll need to be organized enough to keep track of all of the details.

Optional Qualification:
VideoShooting on-the-fly video with a Flip-type camera and doing basic editing/uploading to Youtube.

To Apply:
Complete an analysis of Cohere’s online presence and submit a 1 page double spaced report on your findings to
Angel at
To begin your analysis visit Cohere’s website at

Applications are due by 12/31/10 by 5pm.