Public Relations (International)

Posted on February 12th, 2013

Job Description (full-trimester duration; repeating):
- Interview various youth, children and adults (staff, volunteers, students, others) for article development
- Create a variety of original articles or article drafts of varying lengths for Project Amigo eNewsletter, web pages, or other printed materials
- Monitor daily news feeds and draft potential Op/Eds for media response
- Craft regular Press releases to “hometown” media
Candidate Profile:
- Advanced standing in a Print Journalism or PR program
- Excellent writer, with good grammar and proof-reading skills
- Advanced speaking and interpretive (translation) capabilities with spoken Spanish (many interviews will be conducted in Spanish; drafted articles will be in English)
- Moderate portfolio of print and/or web article development, particularly feature- or PR-type copy
- Independent capabilities with digital photography, Internet searches
- Skills with RSS feeds, web design/maintenance will be a bonus.
- Position is situated in the small west-Mexican city of Colima (capital of Colima state), with offices adjoining the housing facility (see below)
- LDS Spanish-speaking wards nearby
- Join Project Amigo visitor/volunteers, staff and Mexican scholarship students (high school and college) on humanitarian service projects, in cultural activities, trips to the Pacific coast.
Donation: $1800 (USD)
provides clean, safe housing at Project Amigo’s supervised university housing facility (separate quarters for males and females) near the University of Colima, meals, Internet service, easy access to public transport, shopping and cultural activities. Project Amigo is a U.S. Registered 501.c.3 non-profit charity.