PR Intern – Outdoor Indursty Design Firm

Posted on March 21st, 2013

Public Relations internship
WERX Design is looking for a creative PR intern who can assist our design staff with many aspects of the marketing / PR cycle. This includes online newsletters, working with media, catalog copy, marketing materials, trade shows, products themselves, events, and much much more. This is a hands on and computer based working environment.

WERX Design works with some of the best brands in the outdoor, fitness, and action sports industry. We also have a few brands of our own, that sell into some of the biggest retailers in the country. We need someone that can work for multiple brands, and understand the dynamic of branding and marketing.

We’re looking for candidates who have the following attributes:
- Are driven to succeed
- Highly creative
- Are active outdoor recreation users
- Proficient in Adobe Illustrator CS5 or higher
- Highly creative and out-of-box innovative thinking
- Quick learning of new software & equipment
- Are willing to live in the Breckenridge area, and work in our Design office

What we are able to offer:
- A deep training of the complete branding & brand building model
- How to prepare and present to clients/management
- Hands on creating mock-ups, product, and marketing materials
- Work with print and online media
- trade show coordination
- event planning & coordination

We are not looking for a run-around errand intern, we are looking for candidates who posses the same passion for creating amazing buzz, that we can enlighten some industry experience to round out their academic training they have received or gifted with.

This is a working design firm, with many clients in the outdoor, snow sports, and fitness apparel industry. We have a few in-house brands as well that we market and sell in major retailers such as REI, Target, Amazon, and smaller specialty chains. We work with publications such as Backpacker, Outside Magazine, Shape, Men’s Journal, and many others as you can imagine.

We’re looking for a PR intern to work in our Breckenridge office, to help promote our brands, as well as service our clients’ brands. We currently have 2 large PR firms that we also work with, but need someone here to help coordinate and facilitate in our office.