PR Intern–Education and Life Training Center (ELTC)

Posted on August 12th, 2009

Firm:Education and Life Training Center (ELTC)
Type of Firm: nonprofit employment skills training
Submitted by: Chelsea Stewart
Date Submitted: 05/08/2009

Contact Person: Tracy Mead
Title: Executive Director
Phone: 970.482.4357
How to Contact: email or phone
Address: 401 Linden Street
City: Fort Collins State: CO Zip: 80524

Number of Interns: 1
Anticipated Hire Date: Fall Semester (September-December)
Deadline to Apply: ongoing Anticipated Decision Date: ongoing
Compensation: Unpaid Hourly Salary Range:

Description: Be a key contributor to the growth and success of our dedicated nonprofit by using your public relations prowess to broaden our awareness in the community. This quarter- to half–time (10-20 hr/week) internship/practicum at the Education & Life Training Center (ELTC) is designed to give unique and beneficial work experience to marketing students wanting to maximize their impact professionally and within the community. Your valuable contribution will make the difference in helping us transform the lives of a diverse and disadvantaged demographic!

The Intern will help to execute the marketing priorities defined in ELTC’s marketing plan, including PR, ad development and placement , copywriting, competitive research, customer satisfaction surveys, fundraising events, and awareness events. Duties include:
• Collect and package ELTC success stories effectively for use in PR activities.
• Design promotional collateral and other needed materials.
• Develop and implement regional promotions.
• Conduct online ombudsman activities (identify top forums, post questions and responses, monitor for viral marketing).
• Spearhead relationship development initiatives with local press.
• Write press releases and follow-up to ensure placement.
• Oversee of creation of quarterly newsletter and annual report.
• Provide event marketing and support.
• Prepare status report for weekly staff meetings including the status of projects in progress and follow-up results.
• Maintain portion of marketing database that supports continued PR activities.
• Maintain time spent on activities.

Other Information: Website:

Candidate must quickly learn the products and the target markets.

Candidate should be capable of initiating and maintaining strong personal relationships across all groups relevant to ELTC’s success.

He/She must also maintain awareness of upcoming promotional opportunities, applicable to ELTC’s target markets. Additionally, he/she must coordinate with all the departments involved to ensure the completion of the identified marketing activities. A high degree of creativity, organization and initiative is required.

Prefer a responsible Junior-Senior in college working on a business degree (marketing preferred since this will be applicable experience) with technical aptitude.

Typical work hours are scheduled weekdays between 8:30am–5:00 pm. Every effort is made to accommodate class, work, and life schedules.