Paid Editorial Assistant

Posted on September 22nd, 2010

University Communications seeks a paid intern editorial assistant to help with writing, research and publication of the University of Denver Magazine, the University’s award-winning alumni magazine, which has a circulation of 120,000. The intern may be asked to attend and report on some after-hours or off-campus events as his/her schedule allows; the magazine will reimburse the intern for related expenses. The intern’s schedule may be flexible, with some hours worked outside of the office. However, the intern will be expected to work with his/her supervisor to determine a regular work schedule, request time off in advance, be on time and meet all deadlines. The position will accommodate time off during scheduled school holidays and final exams. Journalism experience and knowledge of A.P. style is preferred.

The editorial assistant will: Write and report on short profiles, news briefs and other articles for the magazine
➢ Write and assemble regular columns for the magazine, including class notes and obituaries
➢ Conduct background research for stories as needed
➢ Fact-check for editors as needed
➢ Participate in editorial, design, and other meetings as schedule allows
➢ Receive bylines on most articles he/she writes, as well as a credit in the magazine’s masthead
➢ When the internship commences, present his/her supervisor with a list of goals for the internship—what he/she wishes to learn/accomplish
➢ Work with editor to strengthen copy editing and content editing skills as needed (intern will be expected to know or learn A.P. style)
➢ Work with editor to improve writing and reporting skills as needed
➢ Write for online magazine and/or DU Today, the University’s daily news Web site
➢ Keep privileged information confidential and protect the privacy of the University’s students, faculty, staff and alumni

OCM intern requirements:
• Junior, senior or graduate class standing
• Cumulative GPA of 3.0
• Letter of faculty recommendation
• Demonstrated experience or equivalent coursework in the desired internship area (portfolios, work samples, etc. are encouraged)
• Commitment of 10 to 20 hours per week for three academic quarters (preferred), or no less than two quarters

Greg Glasgow
Assistant Managing Editor. University of Denver Magazine