Online Television/Video Intern

Posted on December 16th, 2014

2015 Video Production Intern

For the past 10 years Leadership Solutions International has been dedicated to educating, connecting and inspiring future global leaders. Our market has been primarily associations and non-profits. Up till now all of this work has been through face-to-face speaking events. In 2015 we desire to build a YouTube channel that will our expanded message to a broader global audience. As a student of life Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP credits her interns and mentors for helping her to build this business. Holly sees this project as a way to both give and receive from a student that wishes to grow his/her portfolio. The intention is for the video production internship to go Jan-March 2015 but we are open to project plans from students as well. For more information send resume and ideas to or 503 217 4112

To work with a dedicated and self-motivated student intern that sees the vision for a YouTube TV channel and has the natural drive and dedication to complete the project with the team at Leadership Solutions International.

To work with a student to attain class credit and life experience for his/her portfolio.


To produce a 10 series pilot of my new online (YouTube) television channel on Illuminating Spirit in Business

• 10 digitally recorded episodes for distribution
• Produced with intro/outro footage
• SEO optimized
• Posted to YouTube
• Distributed via HollyDuckworth brand

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