Newsletter coordinator

Posted on January 9th, 2013

The primary responsibilities of the Apartment Life Newsletter Coordinator are design, layout, desktop publishing, editing, printing and distribution of two monthly newsletters, Keeping In Touch (print newsletter) and The AL Star Chronicles (e-newsletter). The coordinator may also be asked to write pieces for both newsletters as well as the Central Programs website. Also, may serve as back up to the graphic artist on fliers and posters. This position will report to the Coordinator of Central Programs and Staff Development.
 Meetings and Training:
 Participate in all weekly staff meetings and other meetings as designated by the Coordinator,
Managers, or the Assistant Director of Apartment Life.
 Participate in all staff training sessions, retreat, and workshops during summer and in January.
 Attend additional trainings upon request of Coordinator or Assistant Director.
 Communication with Residents, Staff, Coordinator and Managers:
 Participate in an annual staff performance evaluation.
 Be available so that staff feel comfortable approaching you.
 Develop, with client supervision and through staff cooperation, timelines and deadlines to be
observed by all in the production of materials. Adhere to these established timelines and deadlines.
 Primary Responsibilities:
 Develop an understanding of Apartment Life’s purposes, goals, philosophy, and community
development approach.
 Establish a positive and cooperative relationship with all Apartment Life and Housing and Dining
 Improve the quality of Apartment Life newsletters through editing, writing, and designing.
Develop and encourage the staff to write creative and resourceful stories to be included in the newsletter.
 Follow up with and assist staff members when necessary.
 Assist Apartment Life/Housing in marketing and public relations.
 Assist with organizing staff development activities and participate in the planning and
implementation of Central Program events, including monthly FAC’s (average of two per month).
 Additionally, the Newsletter Coordinator will serve as back up to the Graphic Designer, will aid
with any other Central Programming needs, and other duties as assigned.
 Encouraged to attend other leadership training opportunities on campus.
 Assist with organizing staff development activities.
 Others duties may be assigned.
 Administrative Responsibilities:
 Be knowledgeable of, and support, Housing and University policies.
 Complete an evaluation after each program.
 Author several newsletter articles per year for both publications.
 Submit bi-yearly reports to the supervisor.
 Act as a liaison for area staff and the Durrell Center Resource Room for two to three hours a
week during the summer months (June-August) and during breaks.
 Develop a filing system that assists in production and record keeping. This includes maintaining a file of possible articles and fillers, as well as copies of previous newsletters, area pages, events pages and children’s pages both on electronic and hardcopy files.
 Keep informed and updated on software, hardware and computer skills that would enhance the production and performance of designated responsibilities.
 Ensure that printing and purchase of other newsletter materials stay within allocated budget.
 Terms, Eligibility and Compensation:
 Applicant must be enrolled in CSU as a degree seeking student.
 Contact information will be public to our residents and administrative staff.
 As a Colorado State University employee, must abide by all University policies including the
Student Rights and Responsibilities Code.
 Work 15 flexible hours a week in the office at the Palmer Center as well as other functions that
directly relate to the tasks at hand outside of traditional office hours.
 Knowledge and experience with In Design and Publisher is desired.
 Inform management of other employment and/or educational commitments or any change in their
 Compensation is at an hourly rate. Starting pay range is $8.00-$10.00 per hour and will be
determined by the Coordinator and the Assistant Director of Apartment Life.
 Newsletter Coordinator is covered by worker compensation in case of work related injury.
 Must satisfy a background check.
 Contractual Agreement:
 The Newsletter Coordinator position is a one year contract. The contract starts on June 1st and
ends on May 31st of the following year. Renewal of the contract is based on performance and the
discretion of the Coordinator.
 The state of Colorado has an at will employment policy. The Newsletter Coordinator appointment
may be revoked by the University at any time and for any reason.
 During the employment year, a Newsletter Coordinator may take up to 20 days of absence from
his or her duties. The Newsletter Coordinator is not paid for any unused days of absence. All
absences must be approved in advance of any travel arrangements.
 One absence day is counted for missing to attend a critical responsibility, such as staff meeting,
training, committee meeting, or major programs.
The position will remain open until filled, and interviews will start immediately. Interested candidates should send a resume, letter of interest, and contact information for two professional references to me (Michael Pulju,