Mobile Content Intern–A3 Media Network

Posted on March 29th, 2010

JOB DESCRIPTION: Prepare and organize media for mobile content development (video, image, personalization, and web/wap). Assist development teams with all aspects of daily production including: media preparation, product development, content evaluation, quality control, testing, customer service and troubleshooting.

•Prepare media for wireless delivery including: media editing, conforming, logging, packaging and staging
•Provide usability and testing feedback to product developers and project leads
•Write editorial comments and promotional text to accompany media updates
•Select media for product development and marketing
•Track the deployment of products across a variety of distribution channels
•Develop media products into various mobile device formats

Minimum Requirements:
•Basic understanding of common media development software
•Basic understanding of database management tools
•Highly proficient image editing using Photoshop
•MSoffice tools – including excel, word
•Both Mac and PC operating systems
•Ability to communicate clearly, both verbally and non-verbally

Qualities of the ideal candidate:
•High technological proficiencies
•Highly motivated team contributor
•Experience learning new software platforms
•Highly creative
•Proficiencies in most if not all Creative Suite software