Media Relations Coordinator

Posted on October 12th, 2015

• With assistance from the communications manager, develop a media list for media outlets the team can reach out to in Northern Colorado
• Craft weekly media pitches to send to media outlets outlined in the media list
• Send out press releases for team announcements and milestones as they occur
• Collaborate with the communications manager to develop media relations report, in which the team’s media hits will be evaluated for strategy and success
• Invite media personnel to specified outreach events and work with the communications manager to prepare media kits for said events
• Meet with the communications team every week, and with the communications manager individually every other week to discuss updates
• Attend a minimum of 2 outreach events through the course of the academic year

Time commitment: All of the above responsibilities will be handled continuously, with activity peaks during announcements/milestones and the development of the media relations report (due April 28, 2016). On average, the position will require around 5-7 hours of work per week.

• Prior to fulfilling the position, the media relations coordinator will be required to meet with the communications manager to go over confidential sponsor information and discuss what can and cannot (as well as what should and should not) be presented to media outlets.
• While experience working with the media is not required, it is encouraged. The applicant will undergo media training regardless of media relations experience.
• Be available to attend weekly communications meetings.

• Access to industry professionals from sponsors such as Argonne National Lab, General Motors, and the U.S. Department of Energy
• Food and/or coffee will be provided at weekly communications meetings
• Unrivaled communications experience and something to add to a resume
• Developing a network with engineers, faculty, and other communications individuals.

How to apply:
Send your resume and cover letter to