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Posted on April 29th, 2016



The Growing Project Educational Garden

Media Internship Position 2016

Organizational Information


Mission and History

Mission: To promote a strong, diverse, and just local food system to all residents of Northern Colorado through direct agricultural experiences, education, and advocacy.

In the fall of 2008, a group of young activists began to discuss the question: “Can local, sustainable, community agriculture promote increased food security, healthier lifestyles, poverty relief, and environmental justice?”  This conversation developed great enthusiasm and The Growing Project (TGP) was born.  The main focus of this new organization was, and still is, to connect the community to its food and to advocate for healthy lifestyles through practical and free education.

In 2009, TGP became a 501 (c) (3) promoting the mission of a strong, diverse, and just local food system to all residents of Northern Colorado through direct agricultural experiences, education, and advocacy.  TGP’s pilot program consisted of teaching at-risk youth gardening, cooking, and leadership and communication skills through horticulture therapy.  This program picked up momentum and community support, which allowed TGP to expand in order to create long-term, systemic change.  Over the past 5 years, TGP has been a 100% volunteer-run organization comprised of passionate individuals who have developed 4 unique programs to address the needs of the Fort Collins community.  In the fall of 2013, TGP received a grant to hire its first full-time employee: an Executive Director.


  • Garden Time holds horticultural therapy sessions in the garden with at-risk and disadvantaged youth from The Boys and Girls Club and The Family Center.
  • Urban Food Outreach provides materials, education, and volunteer help to install and maintain community gardens in low-income areas.   Gardens are located at Fort Collins Housing Authority facilities.  Currently TGP is offering one garden build scholarship a year to organizations or neighborhoods that want to do community outreach and education through gardening.
  • Food Finders uses bicycles to pick up unwanted or excess produce from farmers, gardeners, and grocers, and distributes it to nonprofits that feed the hungry.








  • TGP University provides donation-based or low-cost classes on gardening, cooking, and nutrition. The Growing Project manages a large educational garden and hoop house, holding roughly 12 workshops each season and regular volunteer hours each week.
  • Sproutin’ Up is an 8-week gardening and nutrition education course with at-risk youth at the educational garden. These youth will take the produce harvested and set up free farmers’ markets in low-income areas.
  • Teens for Food Justice is an 8 week intensive gardening program for adjudicated youth from the diversion program at The Center for Family Outreach. Teens partake in 8 hours of work a week at TGP’s ¼ acre garden, 1 hour of horticulture therapy a week with a certified therapist, 1 cooking class per session, and a community service project. An educational component related to environmental or social issues will be tied into every work session. Youth will earn a $100 stipend for successful completion of the program.
  • Partnerships:  TGP manages and maintains partner gardens at The Family Center/La Familia and The Murphy Center.


Internship Description


The Growing Project is looking for one media savvy intern with skills in photography, videography, and editing. This intern will assist the organization by chronicling changes at the new farm and other programs. The media intern will report to the organization’s leadership to ensure that the media products are high quality. Tasks included but are not limited to taking photographs, videos, editing media content, increasing social media presence, interviewing program participants, etc.


Dates of Internship(s)

May 1- October 31



Media Coordinator



The Growing Project’s Educational Garden at Hope Farms, 1601 North Shields and various program locations as needed.



5 hours per week, with the ability to increase depending on the time of year.







Intern receives access to as many veggies as you can eat!  Intern also gets free entrance into any TGP workshop or event.  Intern becomes a part of an amazing community of food activists.



  • Communicate on a regular basis with Executive Director and board member, Josh Sbicca
  • Conduct video interviews with staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries of TGP programs in order to begin chronicling the oral histories of people within TGP’s network
  • Create high quality promotional videos and photographs
  • Start and maintain a YouTube and Vimeo channel to broadcast to a wider audience
  • Help manage and keep social media up to date (e.g. Twitter, Facebook)
  • Occasionally help with special events
  • Any other media-related ideas are very welcome



  • Highly organized
  • Great communication skills
  • Friendly personality
  • Punctual
  • Interest in horticulture, gardening, food justice, and/or sustainable food
  • 18 years old or older
  • Own high quality digital camera; own HD video camera and tripod (preferred)
  • Proficiency with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms
  • Proficiency in programs like Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro
  • Able to commit to entire growing season


How to apply

Submit a resume, short cover letter, and information about tentative weekly availability for 2016 to by May1. Please state that you are applying for the media internship in your cover letter.