Help Change the Martial Arts Industry through Video!

Posted on May 5th, 2016

Z-Ultimate Self Defense is a martial arts and self defense studio located in Fort Collins and other locations nation wide. The Fort Collins team is piloting a new digital platform built to empower the martial arts community.

The backbone of this platform will be video content that resembles the content that Gary Vaynerchuk has been producing. A video blog/live show that pulls the veil back on the martial arts community.

We need a talented, hungry and passionate team member who can be responsible for all aspects of the video production side of our content strategy. We will depend heavily on this person’s ideas for how to produce the best content, editing correctly, where to host, etc. and YOU will get input into the creative vision driving our campaign.

This position is unpaid but has potential to become paid based on the quality of work and success of our campaign.

We want someone to come in and film the crap out of this series so that we can showcase martial arts training, philosophy and the community at large like it’s never been showcased before. You will be part of a project that has plans to explode as a national platform and catalyst within the growing martial arts industry.

Please submit a resume and brief cover letter/why you are interested to:

Let’s do this!!