Final Cut Internship–Leap Venture

Posted on November 17th, 2009

Final Cut Intern Wanted

Local Production company (Leap Venture)  is looking for a skilled and motivated intern to help with current productions.

Selected applicant will be working with projects that will go to market quickly.

Typically producer roughs in video. We would look to you to clean up cuts and add tasteful transitions. Must have great working knowledge of Final Cut Studio 6 (Esp FC6). Experience with DVD Studio Pro, Motion and Live Type a plus.

Tasks we need help with include:
Taking roughed in projects and turning them into finished projects. Typically these are 45min to 1.5 hour productions.
Mostly Final Cut work. You will also need to be familiar with DVD Studio Pro and Compressor.

Organizing Broll clips. We have a lot of broll we have shot and purchased ourselves and need a process to catalog and search clips.

With the right fit this could easily turn into a paid position down the road.

For more information about us, visit us at: