Equine Publishing Internship–American Horse Publications

Posted on August 26th, 2009

American Horse Publications
Position: Equine publishing internship
Date: Ongoing
Contact: Christine W. Brune
Executive Director
American Horse Publications
49 Spinnaker Circle
South Daytona, FL 32119
Phone (386) 760-7743
Fax: (386) 760-7728

Hours: Flexible
Paid: Varies
Deadlines: N/A

Brief Job Description Started in 1970, American Horse Publications is a national professional association of over 450 publications, individuals, businesses, and organizations serving the equine publishing industry.
The AHP Internship Program is designed specifically for college students who have an interest in horses and seek a career in equine publishing. This program offers opportunities for students to work at equine publications and businesses throughout the country and the opportunity for AHP members to utilize the talents of students with an interest in equine publishing. For colleges and universities, it’s a great way to provide students with the resume-building experience that’s so critical to today’s job market.
Additional Information, Application Procedure  

Internship handbooks and applications are mailed to colleges and universities throughout the U.S. as well as available online or by contacting the AHP office.