Digital Liberal Arts Hub internship – fall

Posted on April 11th, 2017

For more information:

For the Fall 2017 semester, the application is due April 17, 2017.


Internships at the Digital Liberal Arts Hub are designed to train advanced undergraduate and graduate students in the latest digital tools to more easily access, manipulate, and make new meanings from traditional liberal arts-based content. Composed of student scholars from around the College of Liberal Arts, DLA Hub interns work interdisciplinarily and collaboratively with fellow students, faculty, staff, and administrators on graduate student, staff, and faculty projects which incorporate digital methods. Interns not only receive hands-on, project-based training with innovative digital tools related to their fields of study, but also gain numerous opportunities for peer learning and peer teaching, as well as growth in leadership and communication skills. Overall, we hope that the DLA Hub and the shareable, powerful work products created by our interns act as a catalyst, helping to empower our students, our staff, and our faculty and expand the ways in which we approach knowledge production and knowledge sharing here at CSU.