Dept. of Transportation communication intern

Posted on March 7th, 2017



Denver, CO

Pueblo, CO

Grand Junction/Glenwood Springs, CO

Greeley, CO

Durango, CO


Internship #1:  Start Date Internship #1:  Close Date
April 3, 2017  November 30, 2017


Internship #2:  Start Date Internship #2:  Close Date
October 2, 2017  May 31, 2018


Hosting Supervisor :  Office of Communications
Name and Title:  Amy Ford, Director of Communications
Phone Number: 303-757-9362


Address / Location of Intern Opportunities
CDOT Headquarters, Denver, CO

CDOT Region 2 Headquarters, Pueblo, CO

CDOT Region 3 Headquarters, Grand Junction/Glenwood Springs, CO

CDOT Region 4 Headquarters, Greeley, CO

CDOT Region 5 Headquarters, Durango, CO


Description and Duties

The Colorado Department of Transportation is seeking a motivated and responsible college student or recent graduate pursuing a career in communications and public relations.  Our intern will gain experience in a wide range of communications disciplines, including writing, social media, public relations and internal communications.


Typical intern assignments includes writing, producing multimedia content, coordinating employee and public events, preparing for media interviews, supporting internal communications.  A potential intern should be comfortable working independently but also working with a team and a supervisor.  During your internship, you will be expected to:


  1. Serve as a project communications specialist by gathering and producing communications collateral including:
  • Video press release support
  • Newsletters
  • Traffic Watchers
  • Project news release distribution/Maintenance activity traffic advisories/Lane Closure Reports
  • Database management including distribution lists
  • Coordination assistance for special events (ribbon cuttings, media tours, Remembrance Day, etc.)
  1. Serve as customer service and social media specialist by:
  • Crafting social media posts, monitoring and responding to questions and comments
  • Working with customer service team on hot topics, key messages and supporting escalated customer service contacts. Also support reporting and trend analysis
  1. Support regional internal communications by updating and managing content on various platforms including:
  • Digital media (Four Winds/TVs)
  • Intranet updates
  • Regional newsletters
  1. Provide communications strategy development and implementation of one selected program or project (upon discussion with supervisor)




Skill Requirements
Pursuing a related degree, such as Communications, English, Journalism, Marketing, Political Science or pursuing entry level experience in communications or marketing field.


Proven ability to synthesize data/results, identify trends/key findings and present innovative communications objectives.


First rate capability to compose and put in writing press releases and other communications directed to the media, community groups and public in general.


Innate curiosity and aptitude (staying abreast of trends and activities) that demonstrate thought leadership and new ideas/recommendations.


Be self-motivated, organized, willing to help with any project no matter how large or small and be able to balance multiple priorities at once.


Strong computer and technology skills.



Commitment, Schedule and Teaming
The time commitment required by the intern is 15 hours per week for 32 weeks.


The position is a paid internship at $15/hour.


There are five separate intern locations: Denver, Pueblo, Grand Junction/Glenwood Springs, Greeley, or Durango.


Some local travel is required.


The interns from each region/HQ will participate in all intern “learning” sessions either in person or by video conference.


There are two internship opportunities available per location. #1 is from April – November. #2 is from October – May. The two interns will overlap with each other for two months.


#1       X X X X X X X X  
#2 X X X X X         X X X




How to Apply:

You must submit a copy of this announcement and your cover letter, resume, short communications or multi-media example, one written paragraph about “Why would working in transportation be cool?” to


In your application indicate:

  • Location for Internship: Denver, Pueblo, Grand Junction/Glenwood Springs, Greeley or Durango
  • Preferred Internship Schedule: #1 April – November or #2 October – May


For information please contact the communications manager in selected region:



About CDOT:

The Colorado Department of Transportation is a $1.4 billion dollar business dedicated to provide the best multi-modal transportation system for Colorado that most effectively and safely moves people, goods, and information.  CDOT, with more than 3,300 employees and scores of public and private partners throughout the state, is responsible for multi-modal engineering, planning, and roadway maintenance for a 9,146 mile highway system including 3,447 bridges which handles over 27 billion vehicle miles of travel.  Although the Interstate system accounts for only about 10% (914 miles) of the total mileage in the state system, 40% of all travel takes place on our Interstate highways.  CDOT is divided into five regions which execute the planning, design, construction and maintenance of Colorado’s transportation assets. In addition, CDOT’s Aeronautics Division supports Colorado’s general aviation community through distribution of entitlement funds, an aviation grant program, and long-range system planning in partnership with Colorado’s general aviation airports.  CDOT’s Division of Transit and Rail is responsible for the planning, development, finance, operation, and integration of transit and rail services into Colorado’s overall transportation system.