Denver Business Journal -Writer and New Media

Posted on December 2nd, 2010

We have two intern openings that we hope to quickly fill:

(1) The usual all-writing internship in the editorial department, 20 hours
per week for academic credit (required), no pay. A great opportunity to
write many stories and get solid coaching from our staff. This is for our
winter session, beginning in early January and ending around Memorial Day.

(2) A new internship to assist the new media editor, Mark Harden, with his
website duties. Again, 20 hours per week for academic credit (required), no
pay. He would prefer someone who could work in the afternoon and early
Among the duties: research and write web stories; help Mark with
reporting, such as calling sources and contacts; help Mark with
newsgathering, such as checking wires, other media, websites, news releases,
emails, etc.; help with updates to Facebook, Twitter and other social media
networks; and more.

Interested students should contact me ASAP. Cover letter, resume, 5-6 of
their favorite writing clips. Thanks.

Bruce Goldberg
Associate editor
Denver Business Journal