Community Builder

Posted on June 29th, 2011

The infamous community workspace in Old Town known as Cohere is looking for some new blood to add to our operations team.

We’re looking for an intern to help Angel, the founder and Madame with managing the space and, most importantly, taking on some responsibilities of their own. The ideal candidate is someone who would want to be a member of Cohere to begin with!

You’ll have some specific tasks you’re responsible for every day we’re open (Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm). They include:
• Being a morning person OR an afternoon person: you’ll be in charge of opening or closing the space every morning/afternoon, monitoring the coffee, and making sure everything is ready for members to arrive.
• Being a people person: you’ll be a go-to person for people with questions throughout the day. You won’t need to know *everything*, but you’ll know who to go to to find out. You’ll also be giving new visitors and members tours around the space, and getting them acquainted and acclimated. You’ll need to be comfortable conversing with strangers until they become friends :)
• Being an organized person: you’ll be keeping tabs on multiple google docs, member paperwork, photos and our daily attendance records.
• Being a self-starter: the status quo will get you by, but we’re looking for someone who’s going to look for problems, and fix them.
Update about work hours: The hours are 8:45 am to noon-ish 3-5 days/week with afternoons or evenings sprinkled in if you like. You’re welcome to stay longer and if you’ve got a part time job, or class, we’re willing to be accommodating.
What do you get in return?
• A free membership at Cohere. Since you’ll be here a lot anyway, you get a full time membership (worth $199/month) to work on your own projects between things you’re doing with Cohere and our members. Is the coffee shop and library driving you nuts to work on your homework or school projects? Come and do them at Cohere. You’ll get 24/7 access so why not?!
• An incredible network of mentors. This position is perfect for someone who’s interested in being a freelancer, small business owner, or entrepreneur but doesn’t know where to start. The Cohere community is known for being an incredibly valuable support network for anyone who wants to work independently. You’ll have the collective mindshare and experience of over 40 members at your fingertips, as well as any organizational or personal contacts Cohere has in this city, and others.
• The most fun you’ll ever have at work. Cohere is a productivity powerhouse, but it’s also a blast. Fun people, bright spaces, clever chairs…seriously. Chili cook-offs, free food, pancake Thursdays and more.
• An opportunity to be a part of something big…and potentially make some money doing it. This internship is unpaid to begin, but that doesn’t mean forever. We believe in rewarding performance, and if you’re doing a great job, Cohere will be growing and we’ll be able to allocate money for this position. The amount of time this takes is 100% in your hands.
• A chance to take Angel’s job, and make it your own. The entire point of this position is twofold: to garden yet another successful independent contributor to the community of Fort Collins, and to have someone to fill Angel’s shoes when she’s ready to expand the business which happens on 3/31/2012.

We have no minimum requirements in education or industry experience.
We do have minimum requirements in passion for Old Town, an understanding of the values of Cohere, and willingness to work your butt off.
If you’re game, you can let us know by going to this page and telling us about why you want to be a part of Cohere. We’ll get back to you and let you know when we’d like to meet you!