Communications/Development Intern–Animal House Rescue

Posted on December 7th, 2009

Communications/Development Internship: Animal House Rescue

Communications and development intern will work with the executive director and assistant directors at Animal House to develop and maintain a consistent process for increasing public awareness of Animal House.

Responsibilities Include:

•Maintaining social network sites
•Expand and oversee storefront Shelter Star posters
•Newsletter publication assistance
•Create and foster relationships with staff/volunteers
•Update and strengthen email database
•Create/maintain relationships with partnering organizations
•Develop and oversee K-9 Kids Pledge Program
•Create quarterly appreciation letter with updates for supporting businesses and organizations
•Assist in volunteer program recruitment and appreciation
•Help create an emergency plan policy and procedures which includes communication and site back up.

Please send applications to Sandra Risler at

Anticipated decision date January 29, 2010