Communications Manager – EcoCAR3

Posted on April 27th, 2017

What is EcoCAR 3? EcoCAR 3 is the leading Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) sponsored by the Department of Energy and GM, and managed by Argonne National Labs. The main goal of the competition is for engineers to turn a Chevy Camaro into a hybrid electric vehicle. A key piece of the competition is focused on outreach and communications efforts.

Job Responsibilities: As a Communications Manager, you will be in charge of successfully balancing and completing the following tasks: 1) Community outreach & awareness about the EcoCAR 3 program through hosting local events. 2) Managing the team’s online presence through social media, blog posts, and new publications. 3) Managing youth outreach events geared toward introducing middle and high school students to exciting engineering opportunities. 4) Informing local elected officials about the EcoCAR 3 program. 5) Putting together important reports for stakeholders that make the EcoCAR 3 program possible. 6) Building and managing a team of interns to ensure all tasks are completed and manageable.

Qualifications: The EcoCAR 3 team is looking for people who are serious about gaining job experience to become a communications manager for major a major organization or business upon graduation. The following skills are necessary in becoming hired for the position:

-          Strong writing skills. Applicant should be able to demonstrate the ability to write reports in a professional format.

-          Time management. Being able to balance this position with school and other responsibilities. Applicant should be able to commit 20 hours/week to the position.

-          Task delegation. Strong applicants will be able to demonstrate their ability to divide out responsibilities to the interns. This skill is vital to ensure tasks are done efficiently and effectively.

The following qualifications are preferred, but not necessary:

-          Summer availability. The position will start August 2017, but applicants should ideally have a period of time during the summer where they are available to be trained for the position.

-          Engineering knowledge. While unnecessary, having engineering knowledge especially toward vehicle innovations would be beneficial towards this position.


Benefits: On top of being a paid position, the communication manager gets the benefit of working with sponsors such as General Motors, Argonne National Labs, and the Dept. of Energy. Successfully demonstrating your abilities in this position will strengthen your ability to secure a job in the communications field upon graduation. Additionally, the communications manager gets to travel with the EcoCAR 3 team to workshops and competitions across the nation. College credit may also be given to students who have not yet filled their internship requirements.

To apply: Please send your resume and cover letter to . Cover letter should be addressed to Garrison Bennet, 430 N College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524. Before applying, don’t hesitate to ask any questions to the email above, or call/text 303-641-5937