Brand Relations Intern – OtterBox

Posted on November 25th, 2013

Apply here:

The OtterBox Internship Program encourages a mutually beneficial environment where students gain practical skills through meaningful tasks learn about the inner-workings of our various business operations and OtterBox is strengthened by the skills and talent students bring to our teams. This will provide the intern with opportunities for growth and learning while (and a pay check!), while being exposed to new and innovative ideas.

OtterBox will bring on interns based on the school semesters: spring, summer, and fall. Depending on department need, we MAY have availability in the following areas:

A student will be limited to no more than two semesters at OtterBox as an intern. An intern’s contract will end after one semester, at which point the manager will evaluate performance and need to determine whether the internship will continue for a second semester. Interns may be considered for full time positions in the same manner as any other applicant and must apply for an open position to be considered.

Students must be enrolled in an accredited university or college program at the undergraduate (preferably at the Junior level or higher) or graduate level or be recent college graduates (within 1 year) to be eligible to apply for OtterBox internships.