Assistant Editor Intern

Posted on November 11th, 2013

Colton Media Productions is seeking an intern to work as an assistant editor, to do basic editing for a variety of different productions, such as weddings, events, promotional videos, and other miscellaneous corporate productions.

The assistant editor (AE) would be taking footage for these projects, sorting, logging, and editing rough sequences of weddings, events, etc., including multicam sequences. Colton Media Production’s editors would then take over and do the more advanced editing tasks, such as audio cleaning, color grading, graphics and finishing. As the intern learns they may take over some of these tasks as well.

This position offers a chance for a student to learn, and be paid to work in real-world production and post-production workflows in a small production company. Colton Media Productions will be happy to give recommendations and be listed as references for the student’s resume. The applicant should not expect to use footage they have edited in their resume reels, as the footage may be subject to privacy, confidentiality, and copyright agreements.

The AE candidate is required to have basic editing skills, such as how to look for the best in a series of shots, and how to carefully and effectively log and organize footage. Applicants must also own or have access to a major editing application such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or Avid Media Composer, and a computer (Mac or PC) powerful enough to run such an editing system. Colton Media Productions will provide hard drive(s) to edit on.

This position will be a paid internship through the JTC department, worth 1 credit. Students who are interested in applying should contact Colton Media Productions at or 970-444-2542, and be prepared to show their previous work (online services such as Vimeo or YouTube are preferred). Visit to see some of Colton Media Productions’ recent work.